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Tax Preparation & Planning

  • Tax Return Preparation & Planning – We prepare current and prior year individual and business returns at reasonable rates.
  • Business Income Tax Returns – Corporation (1120/1120-S) – Partnership (1065) – Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax – (990)
    U.S. Estate Tax Return – (706) Estate & Trust (1041) and many others
  •  Electronic Tax Filing – We can have your tax refund direct deposited into
    your bank account, mailed directly to your home, or set up an ATM/Debit card in a matter of days.
  • Fast Refunds – You can have your IRS refund, in most of cases, within 24 hours (Refund Anticipation Loan)
  • IRS Tax Audit Consultation – We will represent and assist you in documentation preparation in the event that you are in need of Audit Services.
  • Professional Tax Consultation – We assist in year round personal financial planning and other advisory services.
  • IRS Payment Agreements – We assist in setting up affordable payment agreements for IRS tax liabilities.
  • IRS Offer In Compromises – We assist in assessing and setting up reasonable OIC Agreements.
  • Third Party IRS Representation – We meet and discuss your tax matters with the IRS via your Power of Attorney.
  • Bookkeeping – We provide accurate and complete small business bookkeeping in order to accurately complete your small business (DBA/Sch C) individual tax returns.
  • Estate Planning – Estate planning is the process that involves the ownership of your assets, and how they will transfer to the heirs of your choice.


Our fees for tax preparation services are based upon the schedules required to complete your tax return, with the exception of business returns that may require bookkeeping and compilation schedules. Clients with relatively uncomplicated tax returns can expect a minimum fee of $75, which includes a basic Federal, State and City income tax return.


Under the law, some communications between a client and an Enrolled Agent are privileged and not subject to disclosure to the IRS. However, any information you furnish to us for preparing your tax returns is not protected by this privilege and consequently may be discovered by the IRS