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Mr. William C. Gibbons serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Tax Advisor; and as the firm’s top executive, his focus is on meeting the core tax planning and consulting needs of individuals and small businesses.  Mr. Gibbons received an Accounting Degree in Detroit, Michigan, and has over 32 years experience as a tax consultant.

In addition, he is directly responsible for maintaining the firm’s quality control standards and implementing new policies and procedures and is complemented with a support staff consisting of CPA’s, Auditors, Senior and Staff Tax Consultants and preparers.

This Web Site is designed to inform you about us. First I would like to thank you for visiting our web page, and indicating that the strengths in our tax services are constantly being updated.

We certainly would appreciate the opportunity to become your tax advisor and allow our firm to assist you with your income tax preparation.

C & E Electronic, LLC (C & E) is an independent commercial income tax preparation service providing computerized tax preparation, electronic filing services, computer training and business support services.

C & E was founded by William C. Gibbons, its’ CFO in August 1988 as an electronic communications company specializing in electronic income tax transmission services.

C & E is an extension of Advance Management Consultants, LLC, which was founded in 1979 as an independent consulting firm, specializing in providing accounting and management services to small businesses.

C & E markets its services to independent accountants, small business owners, and individual taxpayers.

Unlike other commercial tax preparation company’s whose offices close after April 15, C & E provides year round accounting and tax services.

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